Friday, August 31, 2007

Flash Back Friday ..... A Tribute To Diana

Like most everyone else I remember where I was ten years ago when the news was shared that Diana had died from an auto accident in Paris. We were boating at Pelee Island, Canada and I was walking up the dock while Don was returning from his morning shower at the marina. I can hear his words, "I just heard that Princess Diana was killed last night in Paris in a car wreck".
Five years ago we visited Paris and London. We saw the exact spot where the fatal accident occurred and Kennsington Palace. Flowers were left at both sites and it most probably is a daily occurrence of admirers yet today.
Much can be written about Diana and it would tend to be slanted toward our opinion of her life as we perceived it rather than factual. I would prefer to say she may have been only a Princess but truly she was the Queen of Hearts. We all loved the human side of her that Buckingham Palace had never shown prior to her arrival at the palace. Her name Diana needs no further identification. We all know there was only one Diana. May she rest in peace.

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