Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fruit Smoothie ..... This drink is a refreshing way to start any day.

Fruit Smoothie
This is such a delicious way to add calcium, potassium, or fiber to a diet. The recipe is so versatile and makes a nice breakfast drink. It is a nice way to use the fresh fruit in season.
Fruit juice( I use orange juice)
yogurt, any flavor
fresh fruit, any variety
a banana is a must
Place the juice in a blender and add your choice of ingredients. Blend until smooth. Yogurt makes the drink creamy and adds calcium and other benefits to the diet.
The amounts are calculated according to the number of servings. I use frozen fruit in the winter when fresh fruit is very expensive or very limited. If you use a banana, mango or fresh peach in your drink you will not need to add sugar to the fruit.

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