Sunday, October 14, 2007

Catching up!!!

Catching Up After A LONG Week!
For those of you who check my blog often, you realize I have not been on the computer. My computer was acting up and was unreliable. I couldn't get the printer to work and the computer would freeze up often. This really was a trial for my patience which seem to elude me when I sit down at the computer. I telephoned a local repair technician. He came to my rescue and did a great job. On Thursday I began the work of emptying cupboards prior to a new kitchen being designed at the Lake house. It is Sunday night and in three days I had a new floor laid and a new oak kitchen installed with a new sink and exhaust fan. What a beautiful transformation. I now have so much usable cupboard space. I am so anxious to get everything back in place and work in the kitchen. We leave this week to return to our winter home in San Diego.
Stay tuned as I will be posting again once I get the Lake house closed up and return to San Diego. I will need a few days to empty suitcases and get the house opened.

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