Monday, November 12, 2007

Dandelion Greens ..... Last week at my Green Grocer I spotted a bunch of Dandelion Greens and tonight I prepared them.

Dandelion Greens
The recipe I offer is an old recipe handed down through my husband's family. We both enjoy this dish which originally was prepared by my husband's grandmother. I used to dig the wild greens in the Spring until the green started to form buds. Once a bud appears, the greens become bitter and the season of wild greens is over!
Fresh dandelion greens, washed and cleaned
Bacon, diced and fried crisp
Potatoes, peeled, cut into 1/2" cubes and cooked.
Diced onion, sauteed
Eggs, hard boiled
Salt and Pepper
In a large bowl, add the greens which have been cleaned and chopped. Add the boiled cubed potatoes, diced hard boiled eggs and bacon. Toss with a dressing.
Dressing: In the skillet which you have cooked the bacon, drain the bacon grease and add cooking oil and vinegar. I would suggest a ration of 1/4 cup oil to 2 tablespoons vinegar. Stir in a beaten egg and a teaspoon sugar. Stir quickly until the dressing is thickened and the egg is cooked.
No amounts have been given as this is one of the dishes you learn how to gauge by the number of persons you are serving and the usual amount they consume

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