Thursday, December 27, 2007

Be It Ever So Humble, There Is No Place Like Home!

December 27, 2007
We returned to our home in San Diego after a visit of one week to the Bay Area. Christmas was well celebrated this year. Christmas 2007 was filled with family, friends, and oh so much food!
We took a different route on our return flight home as the flights from the San Jose airport were heavily booked and flying stand-by could mean we possibly could be delayed. We flew from San Francisco to LAX and then on to San Diego.
I had something happen at LAX which I interpreted as a kind gesture. The gate agent came over to me befor boarding the plane and kindly asked if he could assist me onto the plane. I told him that I was flying stand by which means I board after everyone else with a ticket is on the plane. He smiled and said oh! He hesitated and looked at me like he knew I would need help getting on the plane but then went back to his business of letting the ticketed passengers board. Don said to me, "go sprint Donna. Show him how able you are and that you don't need help!" I swear I am going to be a blonde! He really was trying so hard to be considerate of someone who looked through his young eyes like they might need help.
As much as we look forward to seeing our children and celebrating with them, we are happy to be back in our nest and sleeping in our own bed! Tom and Susan and family left today for a skiing trip at Lake Tahoe and Barbara is on her way to London for a week's visit with Silvano, Mary, Laura and Anna. The celebrating will continue!

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