Thursday, December 13, 2007

December 13, 2007 ..... Another Birthday Party

Another Birthday Party
Today is my birthday and happy to say it is a blessing to celebrate with good health. The photo I have included was recently sent to me by a classmate of her 12Th birthday party. I do remember Lee's party very well. She was known then as "Cookie" by her classmates. We were in the sixth grade at St. Paul's Elementary. One thing that impressed me when I attended her party was how her mother dressed in a beautiful dress, jewelry, heels and hosted our class with such ease. Yes, those things did happen other than June Cleaver. One other thought was how we all went out in the snow and huddled to have a photo taken. In those days if you did not have a flash bulb or the flash attachment for your camera all photos were taken outdoors for the lighting. Then development of the film was from the drug store which required another week to see if the photo had a good likeness. Yes those were the good old days. We could feel free to live in a civil society. Advancing in age does have many benefits . When in Ohio I have my Golden Buckeye card. Yes that is a card you flash and many merchants respect your age with a discount! In California, I learned one of my favorite neighbors celebrates her birthday today. What a co-incidence! Yet another elderly gentleman celebrated his birthday yesterday. We enjoyed lunch with him Wednesday at noon to celebrate his day at a nearby Bistro. I was once told that you should never count life by years but friends. I thank God daily for my dear family and friends. Happy Birthday on your day!
P.S. That is me on the left in the front row!

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