Monday, December 24, 2007

Joyce's Fig Sauce

Joyce's Fig Sauce
Saturday I went grocery shopping with our daughter-in-law in Redwood City, CA. A tradition in many California Food Stores is to provide samples of seasonal items or new products. As we passed the cheese counter, we noticed a block of Blue Cheese with Fig Sauce set out for sampling. As we stopped to sample we met a most delightful lady and of course we struck up conversation. She shared she made a fig sauce which was much better than the commercial sauce offered. I am sure you have guessed the conversation continued. Actually the conversation didn't end briefly but not until we had exchanged email addresses and she had the blog information.
Today I was thrilled to receive an email from Joyce. Joyce sent the recipe for her fig sauce. To make it more special is the fact that Joyce created this recipe. It does not use pectin to make it firm like preserves so we call it sauce. Lucky for those who have a fig tee or for those who have a friend with a fig tree. Lucky is the person who meets Joyce and has a new friend ... that is me!
Joyce uses the Tupperware 8 cup measuring pitcher:
8 heaping cups of figs mounded even
6 cups sugar (using same measuring pitcher)
6 lemons squeezed, adding juice and pulp
Joyce combines the three ingredients and brings it slowly to a boil, cooking it for about one hour then turning it down and lets it simmer. 

Remember cooking it longer does not make it thicker. It does not include pectin. It is called sauce, not preserves.

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