Friday, December 28, 2007

A San Diego Sky, and a "San Diego" Sky

A San Diego Sky
The most beautiful blue is found in the San Diego sky. Since San Diego receives an average of 10.7 inches of rainfall per year, we seldom see clouds. We are entertained by the weather announcers on T V. When temperatures hover in the fifties, viewers are warned to bring out the gloves and muffler "as it will be cold tonight. The announcer is often garbed in a leather coat, muffler, and gloves warning viewers that is will be frigid tonight with temperatures in the fifties. Coming from the Midwest where the average rainfall is 38 inches. We were accustomed to seeing clouds frequently. We also knew what cold was. Freezing temperatures were not bad but you were happy when the temperature was not a single digit.
We met a delightful San Deigan nearing his 100Th birthday on a sailboat with his two sons and granddaughters at Pelee Island, Canada when we spent a week three years ago. We chatted and learned he actually lived not too far from us. Evan spent mornings at the local Starbucks daily. He had a following of maybe five other retirees who met with him daily to discuss the events of the world. Evan sent an email to his families daily in Ohio and Massachusetts. Evan said he always began his emails, "just another beautiful day in Rancho Bernardo". When we returned to San Diego in mid October, we learned that Evan passed away two weeks prior at 103. What a luxury to go to Starbucks the day befor you die at 103 and able to visit and converse with friends.
No matter who you are or where you go, "there is nothing more beautiful than a San Diego sky"! Check the photo posted yesterday.

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