Thursday, April 17, 2008

Family Dinner

Seated left to right, our son-in-law Silvano, Anne, Olivia, My husband Don, Charlotte, Anne's husband Greg, and Veronica.
A Family Dinner
Our son-in-law Silvano came to San Diego for a conference this week. We were delighted to have him spend a couple of days with us and of course that gave us the opportunity to have a dinner together with our daughter Anne and family.
My menu was changed from the posting earlier this week. A few bites into the meal I realized I needed to grab the camera. For dinner I marinated the salmon and baked it. I made a roasted red pepper coulis and a dill sauce for the salmon, oven roasted the asparagus, and made my favorite recipe of lentils. We had the fresh Carlsbad strawberries for desert. I have posted the lentil recipe and directions for roasting the asparagus previously. I took a few shortcuts to maximize time with the family and closed down the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Tell Silvano we wish that we could have been there. Your dining room looks great - and the guests look even better!

Cookie's Daughter said...

Hello Donna
I am impressed with your recipies but summer is coming and I was wondering if you grilled outdoors at all.

I have gone from a charcoal grill to a propane and back to charcoal for the flavor.

What are your favorite grilled meats/fishes/vegetables?

Do you marinate and what do you use?

If you have any grilling tips
I think there is an audience.


Dine With Donna said...

I do much grilling in the summer time. I love grilled vegetables along with the grilled meats. I can post some of my marinades and dry rubs. We are "on the road" for four weeks but I will "get going" and post recipes when I am back in the kitchen. Always appreciate your postings!!!