Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Rare French Jewel Found In San Francisco

Peche Mignon
If you do not parlez francais, I will share the name translated means guilty pleasures. Guilty NOT! When I visit San Francisco, a stop at Peche Mignon is a must. All of the merchandise is imported from France and I must say the quality is very very nice and reasonably priced for the high quality. There is something to be said for the French linens, the milled soaps, the gift ware. It is just fun to browse as the inventory is all such unique items. It never ends with just browsing!

I spent an afternoon visit today and found several unique gift items. How about candles which look like an asparagus stalk? The tea towels are of course the french linen and we have nothing that compares with the quality. I bought some food items, pesto and tea, which I thought we could sample tonight for dinner.

I highly recommend you go to the link above and scan her website. You won't be a "one time customer". Diane was so kind to pose for my blog photos. Thank you Diane!


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Beautiful colors - I love it!!!