Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Slices

Fresh Mozzarella On Tomato With Fresh Basil
A dish we enjoy is sliced fresh mozzarella cheese on tomato slices drizzled with olive oil and chopped fresh basil or if not available just top wiith olive oil and basil pesto. If you have never tried fresh mozzarella cheese, it is a great source of calcium and protein. Looking for a new way to serve tomatoes this summer? It is quick and easy and the ingredients are so available.


Beverly said...

I have seen the fresh mozzerella in stores but have never known how to use it. This sounds very refreshing!

Dine With Donna said...

Fresh mozzerella tastes much like cottage cheese. It is soft and does hold shape usually. As said the whiter the cheese the lower the fat content. it is one of my favorites. Donna

Emily said...

Hi Donna,
Happy birthday to your blog! We're having a mushroom recipe contest and mailing the winner 2 lbs. of fresh morels. If you have a favorite recipe (using any kind of mushroom) we'd love to have you enter it to our blog: Have a great weekend!