Monday, May 19, 2008

Milano Monday

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The centerpiece of Milano, Italy is the cathedral dedicated to Maria Nascente (The Blessed Virgin) which took over 500 year to complete. The cathedral which is third largest to St. Peters in the Vatican, and Seville cathedral, is topped with 135 spires, 3159 statues of which 2245 are on the outside besides the 96 giants on the spouts and 3600 scenes and figures that gleam on the stained glass windows. An elevator takes visitors to the roof top for a view of the architecture, the city, and the Alps to the north which are visible on many days.


Beverly said...

I sure am glad Paul wasn't chairman of the building committee for this church!!

Dine With Donna said...

Paul would have sent out an SOS and hired every stone mason in Europe and found some strong backs and the job would be done in no time.