Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Skies And The Clouds

We Thought This Thunder Head Cloud Resembled A Resting Dog. The Setting Sun Cast Its Glow. Rays From The Setting Sun We Were Intrigued By The Blue Rays Cast Through The Clouds. More Blue Rays The Sun Set Heralding An Incoming Storm.
The Skies and Cloud Formations.
Sunday afternoon my neighbor Barb came to visit. We sat on the patio watching the skies as storms were being forcasted. My attention was called to a Thunder Head cloud which actually looked like a poodle. I quickly retrieved my camera but the wind blew the cloud to appear as a resting dog.
Later that evening we invited Barb and husband George over for dessert. As we visited I noticed the tree and leaves had a very orange cast. We all jumped on our golf cart and drove to our marina to view the sunset. The clouds and sky were so unusual and the colors so vibrant. In the final photo, the sky turned vibrant orange when the wind began to blow and lightning started to strike. We returned to our home but the storm went over the islands and southeast of us. We were spared from any storm damage.

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