Friday, April 18, 2014

Burrata Cheese

Burrata Cheese in a Caprese Salad.

The curds placed in a pouch.

The finished logs of Burrata Cheese.

Two weeks ago at Surfas Culinary District, I purchased one pound container of Burrata cheese.  Since it did not have a rind and tasted like Mozzarella, I did a little investigating and found the recipe online.  When my daughter comes to visit, this will be our project for an afternoon.  It is so creamy and delicious!

Burrata Cheese 


1 gallon whole milk 
1/2 tsp calcium chloride (omit if using raw milk)
2 tsp citric acid dissolved in 1/2 cup cool water
1/4 tsp liquid rennet diluted in 1/4 cup water
2-3 Tbsp heavy cream 
1/2  tsp salt

Step 1: Pour gallon of milk into heavy stainless steel pot and add 1/2 teaspoon calcium chloride directly into the milk.  While stirring constantly, add the citric acid solution.

Step 2: Slowly heat the milk to 88-90 degrees (if using raw milk, heat to 100-105 degrees), stirring constantly.

Step 3: When milk hits 88-90 degrees, turn off heat and add the rennet mixture and stir 1 or 2 turns around the pot.  Then let the milk mixture sit for 10-15 minutes un-disturbed.

Step 4: When you see the curd pull away from the sides of the pot and seems firm (like soft tofu) cut the curd into 1 inch squares.  I use a long thin knife and cut vertical strips first, then horizontally to create cubes.

Step 5: Place pot back over medium-low heat and heat the mixture to 105-108 degrees while stirring slowly.  The curds will shrink and sink to the bottom of the pot as the whey (liquid) is released from the curds.  When mixture hits between 105-108 degrees remove from heat and continue to slowly stir for about 10 minutes.

Step 6: Remove curds into a microwaveable bowl (I use a metal skimmer.  Make sure mesh is not too fine or it will not drain).  For the microwaveable bowl, I use a 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup because it makes it easier to pour off the whey.

Step 7: Take 1/4-1/3 of the curd mixture (depending on how much filling you want for your rools or balls) and drain.  Put in a small bowl and break the curd up with your fingers.  Add about 1/4 tsp salt and 2-3 TB of cream to mixture.   Stir the mixture.  It should resemble cottage cheese.

Step 8: Pour as much of the whey out of the microwaveable bowl, then microwave on high for 45-60 seconds.  Continue to pout off and squeeze as much of the whey out of the curd.  Tip: Do not throw out the whey.  I give mine to my chickens and have read recipes where they use whey instead of water for more flavor and nutrients.

When the curd is heated and stretchy add 1/4 ts of salt and knead it like you would bread.  If it is too hot at first you can use your wooden spoon.  Split the mixture into 2 balls.

Step 9: With your first ball, stretch into a flat circle.  If it becomes too hard to stretch, microwave it for 15-20 seconds more or dunk in hot water.  When it is pliable again, stretch into a round shape.  Put on plate and add 1/2 of the curd/cream mixture down the middle.  Fold the sides up, seal the ends and put the seal side down to seal the ouch.  Repeat with the 2nd ball and remainder of the curd/cream mixture.

Eat immediately or cover tightly with saran wrap and put in refrigerator to eat later.

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