Thursday, April 3, 2014

Uncle Martin

Uncle Martin Myers

I returned to Norwalk Ohio to pay my respects to an uncle who was so much to so many.  He was a loving husband, father, brother and uncle.  He at 95 1/2 years young still called his loving wife "Honey".  He would often tell her and others, he didn't know how he was so lucky to marry Jean.  It was a relationship that never lost its depth of love.

His love of family was exhibited in many ways.  He so often extolled the virtues of his wonderful mother who was so respected and loved by the entire family.  He longed for the taste again of her cooking.  The father of four daughters, Martin encouraged all of them to be the best educated as possible knowing the successes in life that would follow.  When Uncle Martin would tell he never spanked any of his daughters, his daughters reassured him that was because they were perfect.

On our visits to their home, Uncle Martin would lovingly tell of the achievements of their very successful daughters and sons-in-law.  I can see him with his right hand held and his index finger pointed upward and his head slightly tilted as he would say, "that is right, I tell you", and naming his daughters or sons-in-law, that Rand, Tim, or Bill as he would share their accomplishments and you knew the pride he had and love for their daughters or sons-in-law.  The grandchildren, nieces, or nephews were not spared with his generous love and compliments.  He was a great source to pass along family happenings and achievements keeping us up to date.

For many years as Aunt Jean and Uncle Martin resided on the family farm.  They so graciously opened their home for family and holiday celebrations.  Uncle Martin and Aunt Jean were such a cohesive factor keeping the family together.  Grandchild knew their cousins and from visit to visit on the farm, it was as if they were never apart.  This relationship continues today due to the generosity of Uncle Martin and Aunt Jean.

Uncle Martin had such a vibrant mind and was a very interesting conversationalist.  He kept abreast of the family, world politics and economy, the local government, and the farm prices and farming culture of today.  He used a computer and looked forward to reading his emails. 

We will all miss our dear uncle but know he is happily reunited with his heavenly family and friends.  Rest In Peace Dear Uncle.  You have so deserved your heavenly reward.

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