Friday, December 25, 2015

Honey 662 oz.

I had my intellectual horizon broadened a few days ago.  Our friend Carrie is a bee keeper with an interest and concern in our environment.  Early last summer I observed her with her suit and smoker checking her hives.  Tuesday evening, Carrie came to our son's home where I was visiting and asked if she could have help with bottling her honey.  I arrived back at Carries home too find a large bucket filled with golden honey.  The bucket used only by bee keepers had a band with a heat mechanism which keeps the honey warned to a low temperature and a spout controlled by a lever to open and close the spout. Heating the honey also allows it to pour from the bucket into containers more easily.   We soon developed a system and were bottling the honey with a routine.  At evening end in her kitchen, we had bottled six hundred and sixty-two ounces of liquid gold.

Anyone interested in purchase, please leave a comment and I will give you Carrie's telephone number for contact.

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