Sunday, March 13, 2016

Corned Beef

 I gave up boiling my corned beef years ago. My family whinged the first time, until they started stuffing it in their faces, and now I am on the hook to do what I do, every year. I roast it. If I have time, I soak it in water to leach some of the salt out, but at the very least I rinse it thoroughly.

 Then in a roasting pan lined with foil then a layer of parchment paper, I cut onions into thick slices and peel carrots to put under the roast, to serve as a rack. 

Then the roast - liberally rubbed with yellow mustard, then a mixture of brown sugar and a garlic herb rub. No extra salt.

 Then, a bottle of beer in the bottom of the pan, and it's all wrapped up first in the parchment layer then covered tightly with the tin foil.

 I roast that on 300 or so for a few hours, or until I really start to smell it, then uncover it and roast at 400 for at least a half hour until it's all brown and happy on top. Let it rest, then slice. 

Serve with garlic mashed potatoes (no more yucky boiled salty potatoes) and braised spicy carrots and cabbage. Boom!

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