Friday, May 5, 2017

Tomato Soup

Fridheimar Tomato Soup
 I very recently returned from a "Ring Road" tour of Iceland.  I highly recommend this trip.  The word Ice in the name Iceland causes many to think it is a frigid place to be which is not the case.  One of the many tours we experienced was to a greenhouse which grows 50% of the tomatoes consumed on the island.  We were treated to the most delicious cup of soup which Chef Jon shared his recipe.  Irene on the left and Joan on the right were two ladies, actually they are sisters-in-law, that we met on our trip.
Fridheimar Tomato Soup
1 pot ripe tomatoes with skin
Pinch vegetable bouillion
Cayenne pepper to taste
Cold water just to cover the tomatoes

Put all in a pot and simmer for about 30 minutes or until tomatoes are soft.  Mince with a hand processor.  For sweetening add a little ripe mango or mango chutney.

I believe the mango is the key hidden ingredient, but it was delicious!

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