Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Cruise into the high seas!!!

My husband and I planned to cruise in our boat across Lake Erie to Canada on Sunday which was his birthday. We realized the strength of the wind as we left dock but we held hope that our 28' boat could handle the sea. We pulled into Kellys Island for lunch and thought if we spent a little time on the island the wind would settle down and the lake would be navigable. About four o'clock and yet at Kellys Island, we knew if we were going to make it to Leamington Canada we had better give it a try. We had another 27 miles to go. When the first big wave splashed water over the bow of the boat and into where we were seated we said, this is not going to work. We knew the water north of the American Islands would yet have a higher sea. We decided to go no further and pulled into the new State Marina on Middle Bass Island. We decided to spend a few days there. I will say Middle Bass Island is as remote as an island can get. If you go TAKE PLENTY OF READING MATERIAL and drinking water!

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