Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Hidden Beauty ..... From discard to a treasure!

A Hidden Beauty
Today while speaking on my cell phone with a friend, I caught glimpse of color under the leaves of two potted plants on my side garden wall. This plant was left by the previous home owner back under a bush. My first thought was, it needs to go as I am cleaning up around the landscaping. It resembled the two years of absence by the previous owner. I dropped the plant in the trash. The thought of discarding something which might possibly be worthwhile sent me back to the trash can to retrieve the plant. I trimmed it up and split the plant between two pots. I fitted the pots with drain saucers, placed the pots on the garden wall and literally forgot them. Last summer I noticed that two years later had resulted in nothing of significance. I was too busy to do work in the landscaping. Anyhow, I hired a Gardner for the summer months. My plan was that when we returned from Ohio in the Fall I would take care of working with the outdoor garden wall and decide if the plants were worth keeping.
This makes me wonder how often we might overlook something in our lives that has "Hidden Beauty". Perhaps it is a fractured friendship, a worn item to be transformed, or just our everday routine which could include someone who needs some of our time or talents.

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