Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lake Erie

The Canadian Coast Guard Ship. Canada Geese waiting to mess up someone's boat platform! The sunshine on the Lake. A Great Blue Heron bidding us farewell and "come back soon"!
Beautiful Lake Erie
Tuesday evening we invited another couple to go to dinner at a favorite haunt on Kellys Island on Lake Erie. On our way we encountered a large vessel with identification of Canadian Coast Guard. It is not a common sight and we jokingly said that maybe their presence was "protecting the border" which is several miles north.
We arrived at our favorite restaurant in the "downtown" area of the island and learned the name was changed and now specializes in Greek food. We did enjoy dinner.
After dinner we met friends who gave us a tour of their latest building project which is a beautiful Victorian style hotel. The island is home to some beautiful old Victorian homes. The island also has remained fairly unchanged by development to a certain degree. Docks have been upgraded for the boaters and a few services have been expanded but home sites have not had rapid development as one might expect.
As we boarded our boat for the return trip to the mainland, we spotted this heron standing motionless who posed for its photo awaiting a late night snack.

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